Il Petroso

Il Petroso

Il Petroso

Cultivar: Leccino, Franotio, Moraiolo, Pendolino, Dolce Agogia
Acidità: 0,3%

Identity Record

Trade name:Il Petroso

The exposure of soil:north/east/west

Altitude:350 meters above the sea level

Nature of the soil:sandy loam

Technical Characteristics

Number of olive trees:about 1.500

Planting distances:5 m x 5,5 m

The olive tree growing:multi-branched vase


Varietes:Leccino, Franotio, Moraiolo, Pendolino, Dolce Agogia

Age of Three:some about 50 years, while most were planted in the last 20 years

Harvest Time:Between October and November


Acidity:0,28 %

Polyphenols: 250 mq/kg

Peroxides: 6,7 meqO2/kg

Organoleptic Properties

Color:intense green

Aroma:vegetal- floral

Taste:tasty, rotundity, bitter and spicy aftertaste