The History

La casa dei Cini was born as a farm in the 2005, from the enthusiasm of Clelia and Riccardo Cini, both of them gradueted by the Faculty of Agricultural, respectively in Agricultural and Ambient Science and in Wine Growing and Enology.
The first operation was to identify the market leader product. An easy task because the wine of our granfhater Bonaventura and our father Aristide has always tasted good and the olive grows grew up in age and quality.
We modernized the establishment of the vineyards with spacing of the wines of 3x1 mt on the Borgonovo at 2,80x0.90 mt on the Filara, 4A and Malandrino. The farming sistem are the classical one, at prune Ramed Cordon and Gyglo. The spacing of the olive grows is 5x6m and they are pruned yearly at free pot.
In the early years of production we had refined our technics so now we can offer products that use the potential quality of our land.
Riccardo Cini puts in practice all he had learned in Faculty and on the field. He use to say "All that the Vineyard gives to me, I turn it from grapes to wine".
Clalia Cini manages and coordinates all the olive grow and oil {staff?}, with the knowledge she took at University and the experience she reached on the field.
The Cini's live at Vocabolo Petroso since 1700.
The story says that some of our ancestors was a miller, for this reason there's a water mill in the farm called Molinella; another one a smith and since this time, like in all the farming reality, they cutivated grapes and olives.
The Granfather Bonaventura sold in demijohn to neighbouring stores the good oil and wine he made in the family households in Petroso, Vergnola and Casalino.
In the '70s he handed on the baton to our father Aristide, that incresead the agricultural surfices and started the mechanization of the farm; this process grew up when Adriana Fratini, his wife, showd up.
Cini Aristide and Fratini Adriana absorbed the land of Borgonovo, that was turned from arable to vinyard and olives in the '90s and '00s, thanks to the exposure and the good quality of the land.
Aristide and Adriana teached to their sons, Riccardo and Clelia, the passion and the respect of the countryside work.